Why 20/20 Is Not Good Enough

I‘m about to tell you something few eye doctors would ever reveal – 20/20 vision is not great vision. It’s actually average vision, nothing more. Let’s review what 20/20 means.


Figure 1

The first twenty in the term “20/20” is how many feet you are from the eye chart. In most eye doctor offices that eye chart is 20 feet away from you. The second twenty is the size of the lettering. So 20/20 means that the average (see, there’s that word again) person should be able to see a 20-size letter from 20 feet away. What if you have horrible vision – 20/200? That means that the letter your able to barely make out sitting in the exam chair has to be 10 times (200 is 10 times larger than the 20-size letter) larger for you to tell what letter it is (see figure 1). (more…)

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Visionology Introduces Hi-Tech Eyeglasses to Wasatch Front Residents

Visionology announces the exciting arrival of affordable, digital, hi-tech eyeglasses that significantly improve human vision more than traditional, common eyeglasses.

Draper, Utah (PRWEB) October 08, 2013

gI_58959_101553_1_lightbox_zeiss_iprofiler1Locally owned Visionology announced today the acquisition of pioneering technology that significantly improves human vision – the first of its kind along the Wasatch Front. Specifically, research shows it enhances color, night and low-light vision, compared to common eyeglasses.

“This exciting advancement addresses the number one complaint I hear from patients – poor night driving vision,” says Dr. Michael Peterson, owner and optometrist at Visionology. “Glare from headlights can be just as problematic as someone driving with poor eyesight and no glasses.” (more…)

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