Contact Lens Exam


If you are considering a switch from everyday eyeglasses to contact lenses, or if you have questions about your current contact lenses, a contact lens eye exam from the Utah optometrists at Visionology is the best place to start. Out contact lens exam includes a thorough eye exam, but is slightly different from the standard eye exam.

Contact Lens Exam vs. Standard Eye Exam:

A standard eye exam checks the overall health of your eyes, how they are working together, and if any eye problems are present. A contact lens exam is specifically catered to ensure contacts are fitting both eyes properly and that the health of the eyes is not harmed by the contact lenses. The doctor will also evaluate the surface of your eye surface to determine what type of contacts are best for you. Because an eyeglass prescription is very different from a contact prescription, the doctor may need to perform a combination exam to ensure both your contacts and your eyeglasses are up to date and healthy.

Contact Lens Measurements:

Every eye is different, and the curvature of the contact must match the shape of your eyes. For this reason, we conduct a thorough eye measurement to ensure the contacts fit your eyes exactly. We also measure the cornea, pupil, and iris to determine proper curvature.

Types of Contacts:

Once the exam is complete, we will provide you with your contact lens options. This generally includes disposable, extended wear, and/or colored options. The best place to start is with a trial pair to wear for a few days and then a follow-up exam before you order your contacts. Our knowledgeable staff provides thorough training and sample lens care supplies so you go home with the confidence and ability to take care of your contact lenses.

Contact Lens Prescription

After finding contacts that fit properly and wear comfortable, the doctor will write a prescription for contacts. The prescription includes your power, shape, and diameter of the contacts. You can purchase your contacts anywhere you would like, but we offer one-step ordering right at the doctor’s office so you can get everything you need in one stop.

From start to finish, getting contacts can take up to three follow-up visits to find the contacts that work best. Once you have your contacts, a routine annual exam checks the effectiveness, comfort, and health of your eyes and your contacts each year. Let us help you enjoy the convenience and comfort of contact lenses.

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