Eye Wear Consultation

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Eye wear is the ultimate combination in medical necessity and fashion accessory. A pair of eyeglasses can be a significant investment, and can completely change your appearance. After wearing glasses for years they become part of your identity, but for new users, it can be a major change. Trust our highly trained and skilled opticians to help you choose just the right frame style.

Once the exam is complete, the most important aspect of choosing frames is how they look on our face. We use three basic steps to determine the best eyeglasses for you, which are your facial features, shape, and color. We carry a large selection of frames in store, so we can find your perfect match.

Facial Features:

Eyewear should accent your personal best feature. For stunning green eyes, choose a complementing green frame. Also, consider the size of your face. If you are petite, avoid an overpowering frame that is too large. It is important that the frames are in scale with your face size, not too big and not too small.


The color of your glasses should be based on your own personal coloring. All people fall into either the “cool” or the “warm” category. Your coloring depends mainly on your skin tone, but also includes your eye color and hair color. A cool complexion has blue or pink undertones, a warm complexion has peaches or yellow undertones, and olive skin is considered a mixture of both.

  • Warm Coloring: For those with warm coloring, warm shades will look best so look for khaki, gold, peach, orange, coral, off-white, red, warm blue and blond tortoise.
  • Cool Coloring: Stick with cool colors like black, silver, blue-gray, plum, pink, green, blue and dark tortoise.

Some people want to just pick a neutral color that “goes with everything” or they want the latest pantone trend color. However, the best choice is one that truly flatters you. It will look timeless and beautiful every time you put them on.

Face Shape:

There are seven basic face shapes and your eyeglasses should contrast your face shape. We will help you choose something that both complements and contrasts your face shape to create a beautifully striking combination.

The Eye Wear for Your Face-Shape

Shape Characteristics Eye Wear
Round Curved lines with absolutely no angles, similar width and length measurements. A narrow rectangle shaped frame.
Oblong Longer than it is wide, straight cheek lines, and a longer nose. Slightly wider than the face or walnut shaped frames.
Base-down triangle A narrow forehead with wider jaw line Cat-eye shape, or frames with a color or detail on the top.
Base-up triangle A wide top-third of the face and a narrow bottom third. Rimless frames or those in very light colors.
Diamond Narrow eyes and chin, but wide cheekbones. Rimless, oval, or cat-eye shapes with detailing along the brows.
Square Strong jaw line and broad forehead, while the width and length are the same. Narrow frames with more width than depth, rectangle, or narrow ovals.

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