Eyewear Adjustment and Repair


It only takes one drop, one sit, one smash, or one toddler to wreak havoc on your eyewear. Regardless of where you bought your glasses, or how old they are, our complimentary eyewear repair and adjustments ensure your eyewear is comfortable and effective.


Eyeglasses are designed to be adjusted to fit your facial structure. We check your glasses and provide precision fittings to ensure they are comfortable around the four key areas: temples, temple corners, nose-bridge, and nose pads. If you are feeling any type of pinching, sliding, slanting, or slipping, bring in your glasses so we can set them straight.

  • Temples:

If your glasses leave marks on or near your temples, they are too tight. The glasses should not actually meet the face until right above the ear. If your glasses are adjusted incorrectly, it puts wear on the frame material, and is uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time. This also tends to make the glasses slide forward. If you are finding yourself pushing your glasses up all the time, you may need to have the temples adjusted.

  • Temple Corners:

If your glasses are too loose, the temple corners may need to be adjusted. The temple corners or temple tips are at the connection between the arms and the lenses of the glasses. Adjusting this bend can fix common problems of eyeglasses being either too tight or too loose on your face.

  • Nose Bridge:

The nose bridge is perhaps the most important and the most fragile area on your eyewear. If your glasses are not even on your face, it could be a nose bridge problem. Nose bridge adjustments may also help glasses that are prone to slipping and sliding around the face. If your eyewear does not have nose pads, the bridge is a crucial area for adjustment by an experienced member of our staff.

  • Nose Pads:

Nose pads should hold the frame in the right place. Bringing the nose pads closer together raises the glasses up on your nose. Widening the nose pads drops the glasses lower down on your nose. Adjusting the nose pads should be done carefully. The tiny arms attached to the pads is welded to the frame itself. If the nose pad arm is broken, it can be difficult to repair the frame. This is why we recommend bringing your frames in to our staff, even for small adjustments.


Life happens, but you cannot afford to wait days or weeks to get your glasses repaired. We are ready to fix many of the most common eyewear problems in our office the same day. We stock many of the most frequently used parts and tools to repair your eyeglasses fast and easy. Whether you need a replacement screw, a new nose pad, or a lens popped out, we are here to help with repair service you won’t find anywhere else. Our expert workmanship is fast, efficient, and available near you.

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